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A Natural Solution For Pet Poo-Lution

At EcoPet Waste Systems, we love everything about pets — that is, everything except dealing with pet waste and the ever-present odor.

While searching for a product that would naturally neutralize the stink, we found products that only mask the odor, but do nothing about the pathogens causing it.

Not the answer we wanted. What we really wanted was something 100% natural, effective and completely safe for getting rid of these foul aromas from our adored four-legged and feathered friends. 

We were inspired to create an alternative. After much research and testing, we developed: 

DooKashi™ Pet Waste Culture Mix
Effectively removes odor from:

DooKaddy™ Pet Waste Receptacle 

  • For the environmentally conscious dog owner
  • Combined with DooKashi makes a system to dispose of dog waste 
  • Keeps plastic bags out of landfills
Use EcoPet's eco-friendly pet waste products and love everything about your pet!


A Natural Solution For Pet Poo-lution

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